America Where Are You

Unfortunately, as a nation, in our kindness to reach out to the hurting, the lonely, the hungry and receive all who wanted to enter this nation of freedom rings, we forgot one thing as the years passed, we forgot to uphold the values that were set forth that made this nation great.  No, no one was expected to be forced into Christianity, but it should have always been expected that they understood this nation was built on our Judeo Christian principals and those principals were and always will be the defining parameters that guided and held us together as a nation.
The message should have always been, you respect our culture and our ways or go back to the bondage you came out of.
The ONLY reason we had freedom in this nation is because that FREEDOM came through The One this nation was established upon, JESUS and only in Him is there real and lasting freedom!
Sadly as the years went rolling by, this nation of people became more and more secular turning our hearts further and further away from our God Who brought this nation into fruition for His purpose and plan, thus embracing any and everything and corruption become full blown.  We exchanged the glory of God for that which glorified man and beast and we begin wallowing in the sewer of sin, debauchery and self-serving sinful lives begin to evolve, rule and reign and rejected God and His ways.  We are NOW paying the ultimate price for abandoning our Godly heritage and it is escalating and growing progressively worse and the judgement of God is inevitable; that’s His Word not mine.  As we abandoned His Righteousness Ways it has lead speedily to:
1. Christianity has become religion without relationship and entertainment without redemption.
2. So called Christian ministers have embraced ungodliness and tagged it acceptable.  NOT TO GOD, NO, NOT TO GOD, NOT EVER! And it is He, The Creator, that matters, The Deciding Factor, not what we specks of dust think,  accept or reject as right or wrong.  It’s His Word, His Way, His Will, His plan and purpose.
2. Divorce is spreading like a stage 4 cancer @ the rate of over 50% of marriages crash and burn. We have about 2.4 million marriages a year and 1.2 million divorces a year. Hence, 50 percent of married couples divorce,” says Scott M. Stanley of the University of Denver.
3. Families attending church together are on the speed track of decline and attendance in general is about 45%
4. Young people/adults are exiting the faith. 70% of young adults drop out of church (Lifeway Research) and the only way most will attend is to be entertained but not redeemed.
5. Abortion has killed over 50 million (reported) babies since Roe V Wade : America we have innocent blood on our hands and according to The Word, we WILL give an account for it.
6. Reengineering and redesigning and the destruction of redefining the family from the original creation of God to the definition of ungodly man inspired by Satan = perversion gone wild and has hastened our demise.
7. Atheism is on the rise and they are Bulls of Bashan sent straight out of hell.
8. We (speaking collectively) are the most self absorbed, self-serving, selfish generation of people to date.
9. Uncontrollable sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise along with bacterial & viral infections that can no longer be restrained by antibiotics.
10.  Our secular mind-set that perverts Godliness places leadership in office that reflect our own spiritual deadness.
11.  We have embraced a world of entertainment from all sources and from all walks of life — from ALL kinds of sports, to Hollywood propaganda through movies, magazines to music saturated in filth, to porn to paganism, we are drowning in it all. 
12.  We are spiritually, morally, politically and financially bankrupt as a nation, and the Lord warned that it WOULD happen as we turned our backs on Him.
I could go on and on but continuing to sound the alarm, all the while the bells and whistles are themselves going off, isn’t going to change what is happening.  The only thing that will change is people seeing, hearing and understanding we are at critical mass and quickly dropping to our knees in repentance before The Master and crying out for forgiveness and mercy.
What we allowed in our nation while we rumbled with sin has hastened our destruction.  And there is no one to blame but we who call ourselves Christians.  The watchmen of the wall came down and wallowed in the same ungodliness that the world was wallowing in.  Just the facts, just the plain and simple facts.  I pray for spiritual tsunami from our Lord that causes brokenness and repentance before hell blows and there’s no hope.



UnHolywood’s Hellywood’s Moral Demise

Fireside Chat — straight from the heart:

Ok buckle up! I speak it like I see it!

You asked, here goes!

Personally I choose not to attend Hollywood flicks. The movies have become so sexually vile and the violence is so horrid and the language is off the chart repulsive that as a child of The Lord, I’m not allowing that loathsome, nauseating, sickening, nastiness into His temple (me).

I have been instructed by the Holy Spirit to be the caretaker of this temple and I WILL give an account for what I allow to take up residence in it —- physically, emotionally and spiritually. So through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit I guard my heart from the pollution that is puke out of Hollywood through the film and music industry that’s inspired by satan. That filth is not flooding this temple, not one fragment of an inch of it. I don’t watch it on TV either!

AND I’m not taking what the Lord blesses and honors me to have and fund vile filth and demonic corruption, God hates. Listen God hates SIN and everything that promotes it. It cost His sinless Son His life. Therefore because I love my Jesus, I’m not taking myself to a movie and have that garbage thrown into this temple, much of it graphic, sickening sex scenes. I might as well go stand in the a dark corner of someone’s bedroom and watch them have sexual intimacy that leads to having sexual intercourse. Or become a peeping-tom. Or invite a couple into my house to have sex in my living room while I watch. SAME DIFFERENCE folks and it’s totally disgusting.

We have allowed the filth of Hollywood to set the tone for ”everything”, including perverting our God-given sexual desires. We have allowed the smut they promote on the big screen and on TV and in music to pervert the purity of what God created between a husband and wife to enjoy.

I’ll tell you this, if anyone has to view Hollywood smut or porn, or nastiness on TV, or vile music to become aroused, you have a problem and its called LUST and you need to be delivered by the power of our Lord’s redeeming love because it WILL destroy you. If you can’t look at your spouse and become elated with a desire to hold and caress and love the one you call your own, without having your sexual drive bolstered by perversion, you need help and it’s not from Hollywood, it’s from Heaven.

So NO I don’t fill my mind (which by the way if you’re a Christian is supposed to be the mind of Christ) with the garbage that is spewed from their dung pile that comes from the sewer of satan. I have too much love, honor, dignity, grace, and respect from my Jesus and for my Jesus to allow what belongs to Him to drugged through satan’s slime pit of perversion and vomit. My God delivered me from all that filth, why in His Name would I want to return and wallow in it!

Ok, you ask, NOW you know!